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Dedicated MTA a.k.a. eMail Routing

Email deliverability is a key requirement if you are running a business or doing any professional communication. Most businesses and professionals, run their email setup with hosting companies or with ‘premium services’ like Google Workplace or Microsoft Live.

The hosting companies usually run several hundred domains or hostings using the same email server, in other words they share the same IP address for all outgoing email. The reputation of the IP address of the outgoing server is the most important element w.r.t. whether the email sent by you gets delivered to the inbox or not, or in some cases whether it gets even delivered or not. As the IP is being shared with several hundred other domains/hostings, and each domain/hosting may have few email accounts under them. Therefore the IP address reputation is dependent on thousands of other individuals’ email behavior. Even if one individual were to send spammy email or in-case their email ID gets compromised, the IP reputation can very well get impacted by it. Also the receiving email hosts like gmail etc., keep a counter of the number of email messages received from a single IP. This of-course would be pretty high in this scenario, and can negatively impact your email deliveries.

The other option of using premium services is not that cheap . Their billing is per email ID and It usually costs $$ for an email ID, over a year. Now if you have to run say 10 email IDs, that becomes $$$ . The other issue is support. You are in this case dealing with a very very big corporation. Your business to them may be just ‘fraction of a fraction of a fraction’ of their total business..

So now let us consider a scenario, 

  1. You run a serious business or a service, and email communication is absolutely necessary for day-today business activities.
  2. You require multiple email IDs
  3. You want ease of use
  4. You do not wish to spend $$$, but are ready to spend $$

Herein comes our solution i.e. ProXMail ( Business Email ) with separate MTA a.k.a. separate email routing for your outgoing email. This is how it benefits you.

  1. All your outgoing email is routed over a separate MTA or an IP address which is not shared with other domains/accounts.
  2. This setup improves your email delivery rate.
  3. Your email runs on the industry leading platform of cPanel which comes with all its bells and whistles.
  4. In-case the IP reputation gets lowered for whatsoever reason, the email routing can be changed to through another new IP address.

So now the next question, what does it cost. To avail it, you need to first buy ProXMail solution ( ) . Its costs starts from Rs.1200+GST per year for 2 GB space with unlimited email IDs. On top of this you need to add  ‘Separate MTA w.r.t. Outgoing Email’ . This costs you Rs.500+GST per month.

The above solution of ours will save you $$$, and would also try to offer a better email deliverability rate. For more details contact 91 – 98722-63977 or email to support at