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What are the Benefits of hosting your business email on a VPS

VPS hosting is amazing. You can run high-traffic websites, personal clouds, gaming servers, business emails and much more without the server breaking a sweat. However, organizations often like to keep their emails and websites on a secure server that they can manage independently. This is where VPS comes in.

What is VPS hosting?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is typically an isolated server that runs within a dedicated server. VPS hosting offers all the benefits of a dedicated server without the associated costs. VPS hosting is one of the most popular types of hosting solutions for high-traffic websites and business applications. Businesses and popular website owners choose VPS hosting for reliability, high uptime and scalability.

Why is VPS hosting preferred by businesses around the world

High availability is critical for business websites and emails. Most organizations choose VPS hosting as it offers the same capability as a dedicated server without the associated costs. In addition, VPS hosting is multi-functional and can handle various use-cases, including hosting emails, high-traffic websites, cloud-based file storage services and much more!

Why choose VPS hosting for business emails?

There are many reasons why you should move your business emails to your VPS hosting. These include:

  1. Reliability – Business emails often need time-bound delivery and must ensure that they are not flagged as spam. With VPS hosting, you can easily manage your business email to ensure deliverability. Additionally, as shared email servers are often used to send spam, VPS servers ensure that your legitimate business email is not affected by these problems. Note: We have an amazing article about how to improve email delivery reliability. Click here to read how you can ensure business email deliverability with VPS.
  2. Privacy – Most businesses might not agree with the privacy policies of third-party providers. Business email is often private and has confidential information, including trade secrets and client data. Public email services such as Gmail and Yahoo can intrusively compile sensitive meta data. Emails hosted on a VPS are not subject to such intrusions of privacy.
  3. Security – Do you remember email address leaks? No matter what provider you’re with, your data will always be at risk as you’re on a shared provider. Additionally, Yahoo, Gmail and other public providers are often “valuable” targets for hackers. This makes it easier for your company data to be a part of a breach. VPS email hosting is isolated and specific to your domain, making it an unlikely target for a data breach. Additionally, the added reliability, privacy and security provided by VPS hosting make VPS email hosting a better alternative.
  4. Functionality – When it comes to features and functionality, hardly any provider can match the power and configurability of your own VPS hosting. With VPS email hosting, you’re in charge, and you can decide the type of policies, features, space and all other settings for your business email. Additionally, if you have custom components for your email, a VPS is perfect for such components as you have total control over your server.
  5. Extremely low downtime – With VPS servers, you do not have to worry about overloaded public servers and the resultant downtime. If you’ve used a third-party email hosting service, you’re at the mercy of your email provider at all times. If one of their clients is experiencing an exceptionally high spike in traffic, all other clients will face the heat as email hosting is often shared. With VPS hosting, you do not have to bother with overloaded servers and downtime due to high traffic.

Business email is critical, time-sensitive and essential for inter and intra-office communication. Most businesses cannot function without email as all their processes—both internal and external work with emails. With adequate bandwidth, space and computing power on tap, VPS hosting can help you create a virtual cloud where you can host apps, business email and your corporate website with ease.

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